Let us view the most important ones.

1. Medical Instruments operating on blood serum (BS) which determine the peak of intestinal cell-stimulating hormones are excellent instruments which determine the peak of intestinal cell-stimulating hormones and foretell the coming ovulation several hours before it starts, which allows the user to select the most reasonable time for conception. However, this instrument requires frequent blood samples for diagnostics, therefore the method is not very convenient for domestic usage.

2. Instruments operating with urine (strips)
These instruments determine the peak of intestinal cell-stimulating hormones of the patient arriving to urine from the patient’s blood. The time period used for identifying the hormones is often too long and happens to be not enough for a sperm cell to reach an egg cell and its fertility, even if the conception happens in a single step. So, these predictions do not often come true. Besides, special strip required for this purpose are rather expensive, and the tests should be taken frequently and on a regular basis. The change of strips color is not always easily identified and rightly interpreted, especially if the air is damp. So, according to the data of American researchers, they fail to determine the color change in 25% of all test cases. Besides, frequent urine sampling is not exactly “domestic” and is esthetically unacceptable.

3. Instruments operating on saliva samples
Generally speaking, all of them react to some changes in chlorides concentration in saliva ( in NaCl, KCL, CaCL, MGCL, and some others). Clorides content in saliva increases 2-3 days before ovulation starts due to estrogen growing concentration. But further treatment and interpretation of saliva electrolyte parameters vary in different kinds of medical instruments.

a) Instruments of MaybeMOM type

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In these instruments saliva electrolyte is placed on the instrument lens and is enlightened with the help of a light diod. When the dried up saliva taken during the ovulation calendar is viewed through a strong microscope, one can see pictures reminding fern leaves. This method is reliable and is a money-saver, but one should buy an original MaybeMOM instrument patented in the USA, as it has a life guarantee and a high degree of precision confirmed by F.D.A.

b) medical instruments which operate according to so called conductometric method of analysis. There exist a lot of instruments based on this principle, instruments for medical purposes included. In this case saliva conductivity in the mouth and endocervical mucus in the vagina are measured, by inserting electrodes into both these cavities. KCL and NaCL are the information carriers in both these electrolites

Besides, conductivity constituent depends on multiple elements constituting saliva which vary even within several hours, not to mention weeks and months. Inaccuracies may also occur due to instability of pre-eloctrode processes and polarizing. Therefore, informative value of these measurements is not large.

In order to increase the level of reliability of data on the beginning and the end of ovulation calculator, simultaneous oral and vaginal measurements were suggested. It is quite possible that measurement precision increases in this case and reaches some as the authors of the method claim. But at what price? It is hard to imagine a woman conducting this kind of measurements at home, and several times running, at that Of many instruments offered for the last 50-70 years and based on conductometric method of determining the beginning of ovulation and the corresponding physiological condition (there are around a hundred of them), not a single one of them has not become handy among gynecologists because of their non-stability, low information capacity and lack of precision.

3.Instrumental medical devices
a) the most simple medical instrumental device is thermometer, which foretells the beginning of ovulation by changes in rectal temperature (BBT method). The thermometer can signal the presence of ovulation only after it has started. This is too late for conception in the previous cycle. At best, it allows to determine possible future beginning moments of ovulation periods and to hope not to be mistaken in the future..
б) There are also electronic thermometers where the thermometer is connected to a display and fixes everyday temperature of the user under her tongue. The thermometer remembers the temperature data during the whole menstrual cycle and calculates probable ovulation periods. As the main measuring device in this system is still the thermometer, the whole arrangement does not very much differ from a simple thermometer, there is no great difference in their usage. In the second case convenience and the ability to use the device as an alarm-clock are of course, a plus…

4. Ultra-sonic instruments. They give a spectacular picture of an egg-cell coming out and moving along the Fallopian tube, therefore the precision of determining the beginning of ovulation is 100%. But Ultrasonic sound cannot predict the ovulation, it can only confirm it. Therefore, while being examined several times a day, one can get the exact time of an egg cell coming out and draw some conclusions, such as the one that the woman is fertile and is able to conceive. But this method is known for being very expensive, so it is looked upon as being impractical for planning conception, even more so for doing it at home. .

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