The American Lifestyle and the Diabetes Diet

Keeping your diet on track isn’t always easy for a person with diabetes. It’s especially difficult if, like many Americans, you’re the type of person who tries to cram 25 hours worth of things into a 24 hour day. For those with a hectic schedule, grabbing a meal on the go is a routine part of life. But how do you maintain your lifestyle while still keeping your diabetes under control through proper diet?

Making Plans for Your Diabetes Diet

The most important task a person with diabetes can perform is to create a daily meal plan. This plan is a guide that helps you monitor your diet. It tells you what types of food you can eat and how much you can eat in a day. Make sure your plan fits in with your busy schedule and “on the go” eating habits.

If you aren’t comfortable creating your own meal plan, talk to a doctor or dietitian. Not every person with diabetes has the same diet needs.

Tips for Monitoring Your Diabetes DietWhile on the Go

1. Gather information from local restaurants. You can easily find out what is put into your favorite meals if you just ask. Many restaurants can give you specific nutritional information, such as fat content and calories. After you have accumulated all of your information, create your own meal plan that fits best with your diabetes diet.

2. Many people with diabetes make the mistake of believing that their diet is under control if they always order a salad off the menu. This isn’t always true. In fact, a salad has the potential of being a bad diet choice for someone with diabetes. We are often tempted to pile on dressing, bacon bits, and other high fat products.

Guide to Healthy Eating